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Zhejiang University of science and technology

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Zhejiang University of Science and Technology- Hangzhou, China

Scholarships of ZUST Introduction

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All international students are eligible to apply for "Chinese Government Scholarship", "Confucius Institute Scholarship", and "Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students and ZUST Scholarship for International Students".

Notice for Application

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship and Zhejiang Government Scholarship are provided on a “one time, one-year” basis, depending on the results of the examinations and the behavior of the students.
  2. Chinese Government Scholarship and Zhejiang Government Scholarship cannot be applied at the same time. But President Scholarship can be applied even you have applied one of the above two scholarships.
  3. Students who did not get Chinese Government scholarship or Zhejiang Government Scholarship will be given priority for the President Scholarship application. However, merit-based enrollment is still adopted by the university.