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Zhejiang University of science and technology

National-level Key major, enrolled without any Chinese language entry requirements!


Zhejiang University of Science and Technology- Hangzhou, China

Scholarship for Outstanding New Students of ZUST

The applicants for Outstanding New Students Scholarship should be international students who want to study at ZUST. Applicants should be healthy.

Basic Information


  1. Excellent study records (the applicants should provide certificates and transcripts for proof of the highest education finished)
  2. The study period of applicants for advanced Chinese language study should be no less than one year
  3. An applicant applying for a Chinese language taught bachelor degree program should have an HSK6 certificate or above
  4. An applicant applying for an English language taught bachelor degree program should have one of the following certificates: IELTS, TOEFL, GRE or PET. Applicants who don’t have these certificates need to pass the English Level Test organized by ZUST
  5. Note: The winner of Outstanding New Students Scholarship cannot apply for Outstanding Undergraduate Scholarship, Scholarship for Outstanding Chinese Language Advanced Student and Scholarship for Diligent Study during the awarding term, but they can apply for other scholarships.

Application Materials

  1. Outstanding New Students Scholarship Application Form of ZUST(must be completed using either Chinese or English)
  2. Official proof of highest education records. If the applicants are currently enrolled in a university or school, a proof of student status issued by the university/school is needed. Non-Chinese or Non-English materials should be attached to their corresponding Chinese or English version.
  3. Official transcripts
  4. Academic transcripts (Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English).
  5. Recommendation letter from the school attended by the applicants, written in Chinese or English.
  6. Health certificate (photocopy)
  7. HSK-6 certificates or above (only for applicants of Chinese language taught bachelor program) g. A test certificate from one of the following tests is required: IELTS 5.5 or above, TOEFL 80 or above, GRE 1400 or above, PET-3 or above. Applicants who don’t have these certificates need to pass the English Level Test organized by ZUST and get the score required for admission (Only for applicants of bachelor degree programs who apply for English as teaching language).

Application Procedures

  1. The applicants for Outstanding New Students Scholarship should submit the following application materials to the School of International Education of ZUST before May 30th or December 10th each year. No late applications will be considered. The School of International Education will evaluate all the applications for the Outstanding New Students Scholarship and announce the candidates publicly. The candidates will be reevaluated at the end of the first term based on their study, attitude and performance. The candidates will not receive the scholarship in the second term if they fail to pass any course, miss 20 teaching periods (including sick leave, private affair leave, and truancy), commit plagiarism or have been imposed a punishment of a warning or above. The applicants who pass the evaluation are eligible to get the scholarship in the second term.